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Product Based Testing Project


Birch Hardwood vs. Particle Board

Can Swimmers Buy Speed

Can You Discern How Much Your Skin Burns

Catchers Are Protected Behind Home Plate

Comparing the Effectiveness of Toothpaste Brands on Minimizing Tooth Decay

Comparing the Results of Blood Glucose Meters

Determining The Combustibility of Household Paints

Do Debbie Meyer Green Bags Really Work to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

A Matter of Megapixels

Analyzing the Accuracies of Natural vs. Chemical Mosquito Repellents When Mixed with Paint

Automobile Window Tinting

Bacteria: Don't Love It, but Leave It

Bagged Lettuce: Convenience or Killer

Be Wise, Protect Your Eyes

Beware of Saturated Fats

Does the Fat Content in Dairy Affect Its Taste

Ear Protection and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Economic Generic Brands vs. Name Brand Sunscreen

Effect of Light Bulb Type on Energy Consumption

Effect of Mascara on Contact Lens Disinfection

External Orange Damage

Fiddling with Friction

Got Electrolytes

Got Mold?

Got Tears? Get Milk!

Guitar Comparisons

Hairy Situation

Hand Sanitizing vs. Hand Washing

Healing Power: Past or Present

Home Is Where the Heartburn Ends

Is Green Clean or Mean?

Is It Easy Being "Green"?

It's Just Not for Breakfast Anymore

It's Shocking

Microbe Busters

Peanut: The Invisible Danger

Relationship of SPF and UV Protection

Tennis Ball Bounciness Experiment

Testing the Effectiveness of Different Packaging

The Best Insulation

The Dirt on Soap

The Search for the Ultimate Biscuit

The Toxic and Non-Toxic Cleaning Wars

UV Protective vs. Ordinary Fabrics

Watch Out for Lead

We Can Stop the Fire

What Kind of Firewood Offers the Best Value

Which Detergent Cleans Best

Which One to Use

Which Solution Will Preserve a Cut Rose the Longest

Which Sunscreen Protects the Most

Will You Miss the World with Colored Contact Lenses

Your Carpet: The Unexpected Culprit



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