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Which Solution Will Preserve a Cut Rose the Longest

The Objective : The objective was to find the best solution to preserve a cut rose. In today's economy we are more frugal on what we spend our money on. The things we buy need to last as long as possible, including a cut rose.


6 16oz tall jars (recycled from tea bottles), 6 Yellow long stem roses, Measuring cup, Labels - for identifying the solutions, Scissors, Two gallon bucket, Tap water, Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed), 7UP, Flower Food (Floralife Crystal Clear), Bleach, Vinegar. Fill each jar with 1 cup of warm tap water, put a label on each jar, jar 1 put cup of water, jar 2 cup of lemon juice, jar 3 cup of 7UP, jar 4 flower food, jar 5 cup of bleach, jar 6 cup of vinegar, cut stems and put in each jar, document the changes daily.


Rose with the water only never changed, besides a hint of dryness.

Rose with lemon juice opened slightly and now drying up.

Rose with 7UP opened, however not fully and it's color is not very bright.

Rose with flower food fully opened and it's petals are brightly colored (This turned out to be the best looking rose).

Rose with the bleach did the worst, it did not open, instead it shriveled up and it's stem broke in the water.

Lastly, the rose with vinegar opened then dried up quickly.


My hypothesis was correct. The rose with the flower food mixture looks the best, it fully opened and looks fresh. The rose with the 7UP solution came in second, it did not fully open. The rose with the water only came in third, it never changed, only a hint of dryness.

The rose with the lemon juice solution has dried up. The rose with the vinegar solution has dried up and it's drooping. Lastly, the rose with the bleach solution was the worst, it's dry, shriveled, droopy, and it's stem broke in the water.

This project is about finding the best solution to preserve a cut rose.

Science Fair Project done By Kaylina J. Jacuinde



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