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The Best Insulation

The Objective : Would you like to know what the best insulation is for building a house that conserves energy? Well that is what I have been testing for the past months to figure out. I believe that this project can help and prove to builders the best insulation for houses.


To begin my experiment I had to buy all the materials that were needed for the project. I bought most items such as wood, insulation, and dry wall at Home Depot and Lowes.

Then I went to a hardware store and bought the right types of nail. To start the boxes we made three boxes out of wood with thin rectangular frames inside.

I then put fiberglass and foamed plastic in two different boxes and left the other empty. I finally put dry wall walls inside of the creating a small house with insulation at the top also.

After a few days of hard work I was ready to test.


After I finally finished testing I got my answer. The winner of the best insulation/energy saver was the fiberglass with a drop of 8.8 degrees Celsius, followed by the foamed plastic with a drop of 10.2 degrees Celsius.

The worst insulation was the spray foam which dropped 10.6 degrees because of an error of the generator possibly making the freezer cold. In last was the empty control with a 15.7 degrees drop.


This experiment#s results have shown me and will show others what truly is the best insulation. Builders can now create more energy saving houses when they identify that fiberglass is the best.

To finish off my experiment I will write my written report and my create my poster to state the best insulation.

So, I realize that I was wrong in my hypothesis but, have learned one of the key points to house building and saving energy to keep warm. Fiberglass insulation!

This project was to built three boxes with different insulations and tested each of them in the freezer for an hour to see the greatest and lowest temperature decrease.

Science Fair Project done By Steven L. Delcarson



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