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Plant Project Titles


Curious Death of Stomata by Carbon Dioxide

Determining the Effectiveness of Different Types Wood Ash

Do Plants Want a Lemon

Do Polymers Inhibit Plant Recovery

Does Gray Water Harm Plants

Does Growing Bell Peppers in Soil or Hydroponically Produce Better Results

Does the Percentage of Water Content Vary with the Variety of Orange

Effect of Centripetal Force on Plant Growth

Effect of Centripetal Force on Length and Angle

Effect of Fumigants on Fusarium oxysporum forma specialis vasinfectum

Effect of Pre-Soaking Bush Bean Seeds

Effect of Soil Salinity on Hard Red Winter Wheat

Effect of Ultraviolet Light on Plant Development

Effects of Drought Conditions on the Photosynthetic CO(2) Uptake

Affect of pH on Blue Lake 274 Bean Growth

Algae: Fuel of the Future or Fungus

Algae: Made in the Shade

Aquatic Plants and Their Different pH Levels

Befuddled Bean Seeds

Can Food By-Products Be Used as a Natural Supplement

Carbon Dioxide's Relationship to Plant Growth

Correlation between the Part of a Banana and the Amount of Potassium It Contains

Effects of Episodic Drought on the Rhus integrifolia Phenology

Effects of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis

Effects of Micronutrients on Phytoplankton

Effects of Natural Pre-Emergents on Seed Germination

Effects of Recycled Water on the Growth and Germination

Effects of Soil-Contaminating Mercury

Electrifying Soil

Enhancing the Biomasses of Raphanus Sativus

Environmental Effects on Plant Nutrition

Fast Plants in Motion

Fibonacci Numbers in Nature

Going Green with Greywater

Green Ethanol

Grow Grass Grow

Growth Comparison of Soil vs. Soilless Mediums

How Differing Light Wavelengths Affect the Rate of Fruit Ripening

Hyperbaric Radishes

Investigating a Practical Eradication Method

Investigating the Morphological, Physiological, and Genetic Variability

Investigation for Conservation

Is Your Plant Reaching Its Full Potential

Life by Light

Long Term Effect of Electricity and Metal on Plant Tumors

Plant Breath

Plant Function in a CO(2) Enriched Environment


Reduced Irrigation Affects Citrus Fruit Size

Strong, Stronger, Strongest Fava

Suppressing Harmful Algal Blooms

The Germinator

Use of Chelated Iron in Growing Spinach

UV Radiation and Plant Pigmentation

What Drives a Seed

Where Will We Grow Our Food



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