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Going Green with Greywater

The Objective : How do you keep a green lawn, save almost half of your water bill and conserve water? The answer is to use greywater, any used water around the house (except toilet water). In my experiment, I explored the question "Can plants thrive on greywater?" My hypothesis was that the plants watered with tap water would thrive while the plants watered with greywater would just barely survive.


I planted three different types of plants--marigolds, beans and foxgloves.

I watered each kind of plant with three different types of water--Tide greywater, Ecover (eco-friendly) greywater and tap water.

Over a period of five weeks, I studied how well each plant grew based on the type of water that was used to water them.

In my experiment, the experimental variable is the type of water used to water the plants.

The dependent variables are the number of days for seeds to sprout, plant height, and overall condition of the plants.


Based on plant growth and overall condition of the plants, tap water marigold, eco-friendly bean, and tap water foxglove and eco-friendly foxglove did the best for each type of plant.


My hypothesis was not correct because Tide greywater and tap water had the same total number of sprouts for all plants, with eco-friendly greywater only a little behind. The growth of the plants watered with greywater did as well as or better than the growth of those plants watered with tap water. My experiment can have a big impact on the environment and how people should conserve water in the future because I have proved that you can use greywater to water plants.

This experiment is about whether you can use greywater to water household plants.

Science Fair Project done By Alicia M.J. Sadowski



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