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The Amazing Gecko

The Objective : The projects purpose was to use two geckos & test their vertical running time on 7 surfaces with added conditions. I added 2 more surfaces and changed the pH factor of the rain water. Various trial & error methods were used to get the geckos to run up a straight line. I came up with the idea of imitating tropical wind by using a blow dryer. I also made sure they didn't get tired; after three months of testing, I finished my trials with 7 trials for each surface and condition & ended up with 310 trials.


Tokay Geckos, Engineered Wood, Spring Scale, Bark, Rain & Ocean Water, Leaf, gloves, Rock, Band-Aids, Glass, Running Lanes, pH Measuring Kit, Plastic, Grass (skirt), Stucco, Twine Rope, Stopwatch, Blow Dryer, Measuring Tape Before I started, I spoke with a Veterinarian to get safety approvals.

I redid all my force tests, then began testing for my new project. After trial and error, I found it hard to keep my geckos to run an upward straight direction.

I created a lane. The surfaces I used were engineered wood, leaf, glass, bark, rock, stucco, & plastic. I added rain water & ocean water to the surfaces. I put my gecko#s at the bottom of the surface & made them run up 6 feet.


After repeating last year's force test for consistency, I concluded that glass & leaf did the best.

After studying my 10 test results on 7 different surfaces with the varied conditions, On average under normal conditions, the geckos had the best running time on the engineered wood (5.59s), with the added 6.0-7.0 pH rain: glass (14.25s), with the added ocean water condition, pH 7.0-8.0 (13.9s). With all the added conditions combined, my geckos had the best running time on engineered wood (13.0s).


My hypothesis of geckos having the best vertical running time across glass opposed to other surfaces/conditions was false.

My results showed that the running time of a gecko depended on the surface and its condition. Engineered wood had the best running time.

With rain water, 6.0-7.0 pH, they had the best running time on rock. With rain water, 7.0-8.0 pH, my geckos had the best running time on the rock. With ocean water, with 7.0-8.0 pH, on each of the same surfaces, they had the best running time on the bark.

My studies of all conditions combined on each of the 7 surfaces, engineered wood was the best result.

The project tested the adhesion force of a gecko's foot pads, and in 2009, I calculated the running time and speed of two geckos over various surfaces.

Science Fair Project done By Aram Z. Angelo



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