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The Rhythm of Life

The Objective : This project was to identify how someone's extra curricular activities correlate to their senses of rhythm.


I exposed 10 diffeent test subjects to 4 different tests. My project will require me to test many people to determine their Sense of beat. I will test people who do many different types of activities.

I will try to determine any correlation between the activities and their sense of beat. I will test their sense of beat by having them go through a series of tests.

Some of which include: How precisely they can detemine the length of one second, what their score is on an easy rock band drum piece.

(This will test how well they will be able to keep a repeating pattern with hand-eye-correlation.) Also, I will test their ability to listen to, and then minic easy rhythms.

Once they complete the test, I will total up all their scores, Based upon those scores, I will give them a number rating (1-10) which is representative of their sense of beat.

I will put all the scores/numbers in a graph and interoperate the correlations between their activity and their sense of beat.


Those of my test subjects who were involved in some type of music and /or soccer had the highest scores and those who were involved with basketball had the lowest scores.


My conclusion is that because the soccer players had many long practices and in most cases, busy schedules that they kept to, their sense of rhythm increased. This leads me to beleive that backetball does not require the level of rhythmic technicality that soccer does.

The test experiment was to test How a person's extra activity correlate to their sense of rhythm

Science Fair Project done By Phillip C. Lucero



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