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Is There a Correlation Between Relative Pitch and Gender

The Objective :The purpose of this experiment is to determine if there is a direct correlation between relative pitch and gender.


1. Gather the necessary materials.

2. Record notes F, A, and C along with "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on a recording machine.

3. Ask a teacher's permission to use classroom students for experiment.

4. Explain the experiment procedure to the students participating.

5. Find a quiet place to perform experiment.

6. Record gender and age of student participating.

7. Have each student try to hit the notes played, noting details in logbook.

8. Have student sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" noting whether or not pitch was achieved.


Approximately 76% of the girls achieved relative pitch in the experiment, while only 40% of the boys were able to achieve relative pitch.


The hypothesis was correct. More girls were able to achieve relative pitch as compared to the boys. A possible reason is that the boys were in a younger grade level so voice maturity has not yet been reached. Some students hummed rather than sung the song. Further study results are pending as additional experiments are being conducted.

The project is to determine if there is a direct correlation between relative pitch and gender.

Science Fair Project done By Karren E. Stille



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