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Vitamin "C"itrus

The Objective : The objective was to learn if oranges have the most vitamin C out of the citrus fruits which tested.


I used cornstarch and iodine to test different citrus fruits to figure out which one had the most vitamin C.

The cornstarch was cooked and put in jars with the fruit juices.

I put one drop of iodine at a time into the jars and counted how many drops.

When the color of the juice mixture changed to a dark purple-blue the equivalency point was reached and the amount of vitamin C was the same as the amount of iodine.

I did this three times.


The orange proved to contain the most vitamin C in all three trails. It had a lot more than the lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit. Limes were also a good source of vitamin C.


I take vitamin C every morning, so I wanted to learn why taking vitamin C helps make me healthy. I also wanted to know what fruits I could eat that would give me the most vitamin C.

This project is a study to find out the best citrus source for vitamin C.

Science Fair Project done By Kyle J. Funk



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