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Hot Air Balloon Projects for Kids

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Air Pressure in Soccer Balls
Can Kites Go Low
Determining the Relationship between Lift and Wind Speed
Does the Size of the Waterwheel Paddle Affect Speed and Performance
Does Wing Affect the Amount of Kinetic Energy Produced by the Different Wind Blade Designs
Effect of the Angle of a Blade on the Voltage Output
Effect of Water Level on the Altitude of a 2-Liter Water Rocket
Falling Faster
Fins, Flippers, Feet
Fly Like an Eagle
Fuel Troubles
Gone with the Wind
Hovercraft Mania
How Airplanes Fly
How Does Parachute Material Affect Speed
How Efficient Is Your Wind Turbine
How Wing Design Affects Lift
Lean Mean Green Machine
Looking for Lift
Maximum Angle of Attack Before Stalling
Paper Airplane Flight
Pick-Up the Pace
Rotating into the Future of Flight
Spin It to the Limit
Stoked on Viscosity
Sustainability with Wind Power
The Amazing Hovercraft
Water Wheeling
Which Airfoil Design Generates the Most Lift
Which Pitch to Ditch
Which Windmill Is Better


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