Kids Projects


Maths Project on Fractions|CBSE Maths 10th Trigonometry


Effects of Inverse Fourier Transform

What's the Deal or No Deal

Mathematical Approaches to a Neat Problem

Computer Generated Simulation

Effect of RGB and CMYK Color

Project Zier

Semantic Image Retrieval

Sharing Spectrum the Smart Way

Statistical Reliability

Efficient True Random Number Generation

Fibonacci Sequence in Plants

Number Theory Meets Algebra

Optimizing the Chicken Soup Can

Tricky Triangles

Study of Dandelin Spheres

Find It Fast

Five of a Kind is Hard to Get

Are Colonies Superior


Automatic Die-rolling Machine

Camera Recognition

Choice Based on Past Knowledge

Computational Analysis of the Topological Property

Global Shock

Honey Cluster Computing

Image Compression

Improving Elevator Scheduling Efficiency

Is the C or Assembly Programming Language Better

Autonomous Robotic Vehicle


Biophysical Studies of Cytotoxic Effect

Buy Bonds


Fun with Fibonacci

Motion Detection Algorithm

Natural Human Interface for Technology

Sudoku Patterns

Suite of Software Tools for Raman Spectroscopy

To Go or Not to Go

To Type or Not to Type



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