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Science Fair Projects Experiments Energy Drinks


Saving Energy

Saving the Earth One Panel at a Time

Shake Down

Shedding Light on Produce

Solar Air Heater

Solar Angle?

Solar Cells in Motion

Analyzing Solar Cell Efficiency When Using a Sun Tracker

Biomass to Natural Gas

Comparison Between Angled Reflectors and Flat Reflectors

Desalination Using Solar Power

Determining the Best Angle for Absorbing Photons

Effect of Light Wavelength on the Output of Photovoltaic Cells

Effect of Dust on the Performance of Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Effect of Various Plant Dyes on the Efficiency of a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

Finding the Optimal Wave Height for Maximizing Voltage Generation

From Mud to Electricity

Future Fuel

Gas of the Future

Generating Power Using Micro-Hydroelectric Generators

Harvesting Healthy Energy from Exercise

How Does Shading Affect the Power Output of Different Solar Panel

Nanocrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Energy II

Optimization of the Water Flow Rate in a Clean Energy Electrostatic Power Generator

Optimizing the Efficiency of Home Hydropower

Power House

Power Your Gadgets Using a Green Outlet

Pull the Plug on Wasted Energy

Solar Cells: Will They Sprout in the New Green Economy?

Solar Concentrators for Battery Chargers

Thermo-Mechanical Sunflower

Using Passive Solar Design to Cool and Heat a House

Using the Thermal Mass of a Building to Lighten the Load of an Air

Watts Your Angle?

Wave Rider

Weighing Variables in Solar Water Heating Systems

Zap! Where Did It Go?



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